How to choose the best recruitment agency in Ghana.

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Choosing the right recruitment agency in Ghana can be a very challenging task for people who are first-timers in the game and others who would want to broaden their choice. You will also learn a lot from our previous post on how to work with recruitment agencies in Ghana for either your job search or the purpose of attracting the right staff to move your company forward.

According to Syanthiyana Sadagopal, the CEO of SyaRose Technology Services Inc. and President of Syanthy Healthcare, relying on a recruitment agency to meet your staffing needs provides a number of benefits, such as saving the company time, attracting high-character candidates, and is a perfect solution for start-ups who might not have in-house hiring experts to handle the job. For a company to reap some of these benefits, it is essential that it consider a number of factors that can help in selecting the right recruitment agency.

Hold Scoping Interviews with Prospective Recruiters

It is advisable to hold scoping interviews with prospective recruiters just like researchers do. These initial engagements will help you to remove the ‘chaff from the substance’ and then zero down to a few list. Syanthyyana for instance recommended the need to interview recruitment agencies just like the way they would interview job seekers. Some of the important questions to consider include:

  • Do they have a candidate pool as their first fetch point?
  • Do they have direct linkages with direct job boards that can help them meet time-critical deadlines?
  • What is their minimum placement time?
  • What are the measures they put in place to identify the right candidates?
  • What support mechanisms do they have in place to endure optimal performance of their staff?


Firstly, decide which type of recruitment agency to approach because some will be more suitable than others based on your specific requirements. Whilst some companies are general in their scope of operation, others work for niche industries. You may also have to look at the capacity of the company to hire temporary or permanent staff as well as high profile positions which might demand considerable experience from the recruitment agency.


How much are you willing to pay to meet your staffing needs? There is no point in hiring an agency you cannot afford. Even when you can afford the agency, you might want to consider how you can obtain the same results at a lesser cost to minimize your corporate cost. Recruitment agencies normally charge a percentage of the salary rather than a set fee. This percentage can vary, but it usually starts at about 10%. It is always a wise decision to compare the costs of different agencies, but avoid automatically going with the cheapest without an informed reason. After all, you want to choose the one that provides the best overall service.


You want to know that the agency you choose has successfully filled positions for similar companies in the past. Have they been around for a long time? Which companies have they helped? Find their client list and read testimonials to get a better idea.


There you go with our advice on choosing the right agency to handle your staffing needs. How would you rate this article? I hope it was informative? The team is always here to address all your recruitment concerns. Please share your ideas on this topic in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this article, you will also like our advice on how to avoid recruitment fraud in 2021.

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